Nos fidèles Momos au Laos


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  1. Redigé par Rita et Aistis:

    Hello, superfamily,

    It is a pity, that we didnt meet leaving Sapa. Anyway, we are still talking about
    you and still feeling these positive emotions, that we gained being around you for
    several days.
    I think you are quite famous now in Lithuania, as we posted your blog’s adress and
    recomended to read it to our friends.
    The invatation to visit Lithuania is still valid - we would be glad to see you in our home.
    Nicolas - hoping to hear update about “Trees for life” project. Eager to hear about it
    on a big scale. Best regards to Isabelle. Marie, Ariane, Donatella - i hope you we will
    read this comment in english:) Best regards to sweet Antonia and energetic ball Mart.

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